Exoplanet space exploration
Exoplanets are planets in outside our solar system. Every week multiple exoplanets is discovered, confirmed and released in NASAs Exoplanet Archive. By using the the API I have chosen some of the data to illustrate the size, speed, habitability and transit, which is the method of discovery. It's coded in html and css and is intended as a ambient screensaver or background.
Pay up!
In this small task our focus was on micro interactions. We chose the payment sequence of our local burger joint, Illegal Burger. It was not a real assignment given by them, rather something we thought was fun. We wanted to communicate their brand which is kind of rowdy, fun but professional in our suggestion. It was first paper prototyped and filmed, then coded with html, css, vectors and javascript.
Tvinna was a fun and explorative last project with product development. I was exploring form and the intrinsic properties of the materials, which was steel pipes and ropes. Ropes have the ability to have planes go through each other, while made of single straight lines can make curved planes (parabolic curves), and the sitting surface as a whole.
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